Diabetes & Pregnancy

Diabetes & Pregnancy Management Services in Sydney
I have Diabetes, will I be able to have a baby?

Yes, women who have pre-existing Diabetes, can have successful and healthy pregnancies with proper planning and pre-pregnancy counselling.
Pre-pregnancy counselling will allow us to check how well your diabetes is controlled and whether your diabetes is affecting your kidneys/heart/liver/eyes
Ensuring that your blood sugars are well controlled prior to falling pregnant, ensuring that you are on medications safe for pregnancy allow for the pregnancy to have minimal problems for yourself and for your baby.

What pre-pregnancy advice do we recommend for you?

Apart from optimising your blood sugar control we recommend that you:

  • Take folic acid supplements
  • Stop smoking/alcohol
  • Take immunisations for rubella/chicken pox (if needed)
  • Take or change to Medicines suitable for pregnancy
  • Regular exercise
How will diabetes affect me and my baby?

Well controlled diabetes will ensure that you and your baby will have minimal complications from your condition. If your pregnancy is unplanned or if your diabetes is not well controlled, then this can increase risk of complications. This may include:

  • Miscarriage
  • Fetal anomalies
  • Fetal growth problems (growth restriction or macrosomia=big baby)
  • Preterm birth
  • Stillbirth
  • High BP (Pre-eclampsia)
  • Increased chance of Infections during pregnancy
  • Increased risk of needing birth by caesarean section
  • Worsening of your diabetes (especially if it involves your eyes/kidneys)
  • Ketoacidosis (medical emergency in women with poorly controlled diabetes)
How will my pregnancy be cared for?

Care of your pregnancy will involve joint input from Dr Mahadik and your endocrinologists. We recommend you see us soon after your dating ultrasound scan. Your care will involve giving you a detailed and personalised pregnancy management plan on your first visit. Blood sugar home monitoring and goals of blood sugar levels recommended for pregnancy will be discussed. Your baby’s growth and development will be closely monitored with regular ultrasounds.

Would I need Induction of labour?

Most women with diabetes in pregnancy are offered a planned induction of labour between 38 to 39 weeks. The timing of this will depend on how well your diabetes is controlled, growth of the baby and other complications in your pregnancy.

Would my baby need to go to the nursery after birth?

Most babies of women with diabetes in pregnancy whose diabetes is well controlled have an uneventful neonatal course.
However, these babies need to be monitored for
Temperature control
If the birth has been difficult and complicated by shoulder dystocia (difficulty in delivery of shoulders after the head has delivered, seen commonly in macrosomic babies of women with diabetes) then the baby will need to assessed for bony/nerve injuries.