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Things to know before you choose an obstetrician

The moment you find out you are pregnant, your journey starts and it comes with many questions. Especially if this is the first time, you may wonder what is best for you. Public or private? Which hospital to choose in Sydney? What to expect from your antenatal care, your stay at the maternity ward and your first days as a new mum? Let’s go over the basics. 

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Congratulations, you are pregnant. Now it’s time to find a lovely obstetrician to take care of you and your pregnancy

As you embark on this wonderful and often magical journey, you may go through rollercoaster phases where all you seem to do is ask questions. That is perfectly normal. It is why so much has been written and said about good antenatal care, preparing your delivery in the best possible way and even looking ahead at your postnatal care. 

Antenatal care

As the Latin roots of the word suggest, antenatal care is the care before you give birth and it’s recommended as soon as you find out you are pregnant. Throughout your antenatal care journey with me as your obstetrician, we will organise the routine tests and ultrasounds, answer your questions, talk about your delivery options, and offer you the support that you need to feel as confident as possible in this very special time.

Your labour and delivery

You are in good hands when we support you during labour. The team of experienced midwives and me as your obstetrician are there to monitor you and your baby, to help you understand the progress and to facilitate your delivery if you are giving birth vaginally.

As your obstetrician here in Sydney, I am also here to fully support you through a caesarean birth if there are reasons to choose this birthing method, together with an experienced theatre team at the hospital. Before the big day, we can discuss your delivery options in full detail.

Postnatal care

Postnatal care is an essential part of your obstetrician’s service because birth is only the beginning of a whole new chapter in your family life. In those first hours, days and weeks, new questions will arise and the midwives, nurses and I are here to support you. Assistance with breastfeeding, support with organising your new family life and taking care of your own recovery are the key elements of our postnatal care services.

I consider myself an obstetrician Sydney mothers know and trust, because I fully commit to your journey with respect for your preferences, needs and your personal story. Together, we focus on the best possible experience during your pregnancy, the safest path to that special moment when you give birth, and a service experience where you can count on our team to be by your side for every step.

Obstetrician Sydney Dr Anu Mahadik

Affiliations with St George and Norwest Private Hospitals in Sydney

Choose your preferred Sydney maternity

Private obstetrician at St George maternity

Why choose a private obstetrician at St George maternity?
The praise Sydney mothers give to this hospital often include references to the state-of-the-art equipment and the quality of their stay at the maternity ward. Private rooms, birthing rooms with ensuite and a special care nursery: the features that give you peace of mind as an expecting mother because you know you are attending world-class facilities.

What makes us even more happy is to hear mothers talk about the whole experience with the midwives and the team.

Because that’s what it is at St George Hospital, one of the leading maternity hospitals in Sydney. It’s the teamwork between sonographers, anaesthetists, midwives, obstetricians, lactation consultants, physios, nurses and admin staff. On one of the most memorable days of your life, you deserve competence, commitment and experience. You deserve the best.

That is why I am so grateful to be part of this top team at St George Hospital in Sydney, to work hard and ensure the safest, smoothest and most comfortable experience as you give birth.

St George Hospital has a great maternity info pack you can easily download here. It gives a useful overview of the admission procedure and outlines the antenatal and newborn parenting classes as well as sessions on signs of labour, active birth pain relief and the role of your support person or partner on the big day. There is also a particular caesarean section class and even a “Grandparents to be class”. Antenatal classes are also available in Mandarin.

For St George Private Hospital, your safety and your baby’s safety are an absolute priority. That is why a number of changes have been implemented at the maternity ward, in line with New South Wales and Commonwealth guidelines.

Access the main entrance via South Street. There is parking available underneath the hospital or you can park opposite the hospital in the multi-storey car parking facility and enter via Hogben Street.

Private obstetrician at Norwest maternity

Why choose a private obstetrician at Norwest maternity?
If you live closer to Norwest Private Hospital we can prepare your delivery there. It is a private hospital in the Hills district, where you will find the highest level of care by a team of experienced midwives and nurses.

My practice is conveniently located close to the Norwest Hospital and for many expecting mums and their families, the value of continuous care by their trusted obstetrician is the main reason to give birth in the private sector.

I believe that making it into a personalised journey is exactly what many couples want as they go through a pregnancy and prepare to welcome their newborn.

High-quality facilities are important, and so is the reassurance that when they speak to their obstetrician, Sydney mums feel truly supported and in good hands. More details about giving birth in Norwest can be found here, with a virtual tour, practical information about hospital tours and bookings and other useful information.

Norwest Private Hospital has implemented a number of changes to keep you and your baby safe, in accordance with State and Commonwealth guidelines. 

Enter the hospital via the main entrance on Norbrik Drive. The maternity floor is on Level 2. You can purchase a week pass for 7 days of unlimited access. 

Benefits private obstetrician Sydney

Public or private obstetrician?

On social media and on forums for expecting mums, this is one of the biggest debates: going public or private to deliver your baby? The truth of the matter is, that your choice is not only about the day you give birth. You are choosing a model for your entire pregnancy journey and there are a few important things to know as you consider your options. 

Public obstetrician Sydney

Public pregnancy care means that your antenatal appointments are scheduled in the public system and you see a public obstetrician (It generally means that you see a different obstetrician at each visit). Your antenatal appointments typically will be at the public hospital where you will deliver your baby. Some of the appointments may be telehealth consultations.

In some cases, ‘shared pregnancy care’ is applied, where you plan your delivery in a public hospital and book private antenatal appointments with a private obstetrician. Especially if you have never given birth in Australia before, it is important to get familiar with the differences between the public and the private system. If you have private health insurance, you obtain access to the private health system, and that includes choosing a private obstetrician. 

Private obstetrician Sydney

Choosing a private obstetrician has many benefits and generally what mothers will say about it is that it’s all under one roof. You experience an integrated journey of care with someone who knows you, your family, your pregnancy and your baby. It’s that relationship that we develop that makes a difference and it comes with clear and prompt communication avoiding excessive red tape and back-and-forth referrals. Because – as your Sydney obstetrician – I am your go-to-person, you can ask me all your questions and you can count on my experience to be by your side throughout the journey. 

Conclusion public vs private obstetric care

I may be biassed but I truly believe that private obstetric care at my practice gives you the best possible support at a time where it makes a big difference. We all see the value of our public health system here in Australia, yet we are also proud that we can choose how we organise your care and customise your experience, at my practice and with the hospital team at the maternity you choose to give birth. 

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