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5 Reasons to choose Dr Anu Mahadik as your private gynaecologist

As your private Sydney gynaecologist and laparoscopic surgeon, I am here to help. When patients tell me why they choose my private practice as their best option for gynaecological surgery, these are the reasons that come up.

Sydney gynaecologist Dr Anu Mahadik | Reason 1

Skill level as a gynaecologist

It is fair to say that I consider myself a highly-skilled private gynaecologist. I have my tertiary qualifications in Obstetrics and Gynaecology from Australia, the UK and India. What helps me do the work I do is to have a good ‘surgical hand’ and it is a compliment I have heard many times.

I have been able to apply my surgical skills in a variety of situations. In gynaecological surgery, both using a vaginal or a laparoscopic approach, in colposcopies to manage abnormal cervical screenings, or treating women with menstrual disorders and fibroids.

Sydney gynaecologist Dr Anu Mahadik | Reason 2

Many years of experience

It is said that in professions such as gynaecology, the insights keep coming over the years. I take learnings from every new situation, either because we are applying new techniques or because I discover patterns in my own experience.

As a patient, you benefit from that, because we are not just applying medical science from a textbook. We look at your unique circumstances and your body, with an open mind and with attention to detail.

Before I started working as a gynaecologist here at my private practice in Sydney, navigating the health system on three different continents (Australia, the UK, and India) has helped me inspect and re-inspect my knowledge. The many years of experience across cultures and systems have given me this bigger-picture view of gynaecology. I pride myself in bringing parts of that experience to every consultation and every surgery when I work with my patients in Sydney. Advanced laparoscopic surgery is my special interest and many patients told me they chose me as their laparoscopic surgeon because of my extensive experience.

Sydney gynaecologist Dr Anu Mahadik | Reason 3

Evidence-based care

Gynaecology and women’s health are well-covered online and many people give advice or call themselves experts. Yet, gynaecology is a specialised area of modern medicine, and it is also my role to help you see the forest for the trees when you look at all the information that is out there on social media, in groups and on web pages.

We use evidence-based medicine to follow the right steps when we formulate a diagnosis. We also include the findings of the latest research, when we make decisions about the best possible treatment or management plan for your situation.

That does not mean I can’t take a holistic view and that I would not see you as a person.

I believe that my first mission as your private Sydney gynaecologist is to offer reliable, evidence-based medicine and to support you in any way possible from consultation to surgery and beyond.

Sydney gynaecologist Dr Anu Mahadik | Reason 4

Good patient outcomes and patient experience

As a specialist doctor, you keep track of your work and you look at the outcomes of your hard work. I have a track record of good patient outcomes because we work together to get really clear about every symptom, your medical history and your understanding of the procedures or treatments that we choose.

I also hear that patients are happy with the patient experience. You deserve to feel looked after, not just because you receive the care of a specialist doctor. It is also a human experience, and sometimes you may feel vulnerable because of the condition that brings you here in the first place. I give every consultation my best because I simply believe that you deserve it.

Sydney gynaecologist Dr Anu Mahadik | Reason 5

A qualified team

When you seek medical help, you want the best. At my practice, and in the hospital settings where I perform surgery, we work together to bring our expertise to every situation.

Our value is to deliver excellence at what we do, in a way that makes you feel supported. Whether it is in a consultation where we discuss your symptoms and how they affect your quality of life, or in surgery.

Nurses, reception staff, surgical assistants and anyone involved in preparing, planning and supporting your care, all bring their qualifications and experience to the table.

I believe that caring for your health is a team effort and I am proud to be part of an inspired and committed team environment.

Sydney Obstetrician Norwest and St George Private Hospitals

Consulting at Norwest and St George Private Hospitals

My consulting rooms are at Burbank Place, Norwest which is near Norwest Private Hospital. If you are preparing for your antenatal care and looking for the best and most suitable solution, you can count on my practice to help you. If you live northwest of Sydney CBD, or near the M2 or M7, you may find my practice in Norwest suitable for your antenatal care consultations.

If you live in the Sydney CBD, or south of Sydney, you may be best served by coming to my rooms in Kogarah, at St George Private Hospital Medical Suites.

I come from a family of doctors and it has always been my intuitive first choice to become an Obstetrician and Gynaecologist. I basically grew up in it, with my father being one of the co-founders of a series of IVF clinics in India. Care for mothers and the babies they are expecting has always been my first nature and I am grateful for being able to serve my patients in their journey.
So if you are in that phase where you are not sure how to choose a private obstetrician in Sydney, let’s have a chat so we can plan your antenatal care together.

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