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When you need a gynaecologist, you deserve help from an experienced specialist with a total focus on women’s health. My patients in Sydney know that I fully commit to giving you my full attention, expertise and support. On this page, we will look at the services overview of my Sydney-based gynaecology practice. 

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When you have a women’s health concern, you deserve the best care and the best treatment options.

Women’s health and gynaecology services touch on the essence of life: as fertility is a big aspect of most women’s lives, health concerns linked to the female reproductive organs are also a reality. Whatever your age or your reproductive history, as your gynaecologist I am here to help you understand, diagnose and manage any symptoms or conditions that may impact your life.

We will go over the common health challenges that may require the help of a qualified gynaecologist and women’s health expert.

Menstrual problems

Your menstrual cycle can present with irregularities, discomfort, excessive bleeding or pain. We use our expertise to assess if your symptoms need management or further investigation. We know that the menstrual cycle comes with discomfort, but if your symptoms are debilitating or present signs of potential underlying conditions, then I will help you and organise the tests and examinations that can create more clarity.

If you are diagnosed with a menstrual disorder, my role is to discuss the best treatment options depending on your situation.The treatment options can be as simple as hormonal or non hormonal medications, Offering insertion of Mirena to needing an operation like a Hysteroscopy ( camera procedure for further testing and treatment), or an ablation procedure to a definitive surgery like Hysterectomy.


Endometriosis and chronic pelvic pain affects the quality of life of many young girls and women. Your GP and your gynaecologist would suspect that you may have endometriosis in cases of severe menstrual or non menstrual pelvic pain, and also when you have difficulties falling pregnant. The condition is caused by endometrial tissue growing outside the lining of your uterus and causing inflammation. Check out our page about endometriosis treatment in Sydney to learn more about the symptoms and treatment options.


PCOS diagnosis, treatment and management at my 2 clinic locations in Sydney is an essential aspect of my work as a gynaecologist. Polycystic ovary syndrome or PCOS is a hormonal condition and it can be quite complex to diagnose because it presents with different combinations of symptoms in each woman. Although it is generally harder to conceive when you have PCOS, treating it with a holistic and multidisciplinary approach allows women to have successful pregnancies.


If you are diagnosed with uterine fibroids, my role as your gynaecologist is to help you understand how many fibroids you have and how big or small they are. Fibroids treatment and management is part of the women’s health services I offer at my 2 clinic locations around Sydney, in Westmead and Kogarah. The size and location of your fibroids will define our considerations about the best treatment for fibroids. They are non-cancerous growths, which can sometimes be treated with medication and in other situations gynaecological surgery is used to remove them.

Ovarian cysts

Ovarian cysts are relatively common in young women and are mostly painless, harmless and temporary. You can find out more about ovarian cyst treatment here; in some cases they may require surgery. Symptoms include frequent urination, pelvic pain, bloating and unusual bleeding.


A colposcopy can be seen as a further assessment recommended in some women with an abnormal Cervical Screening Test, using a colposcope to investigate your cervix. It consists of a 15-minute procedure to check for any abnormalities in the prevention of cervical cancer. A cervical biopsy may be planned in combination with your colposcopy procedure if required.


Menopause management is an essential part of my work as a Sydney gynaecologist. That is because many women want to understand their menopause symptoms and alleviate the impact on their daily lives. Here on my website you can find out more about the vast range of typical menopause symptoms that we can manage together. Every woman is different and I use my expertise and experience to listen to your story, investigate your unique combination of symptoms and work out the most suitable menopause treatment plan.


Contraceptive advice can be relevant when you are trying to avoid pregnancy. In general, contraception is something I can help you with as your gynaecologist in the context of family planning, no matter how old you are. At my two practice locations in Sydney, I can see you to discuss the best contraception approach depending on your situation.


Seeing a gynaecologist about a sexually transmitted infection is no longer a taboo. In fact, it makes sense to see a women’s health expert if you are concerned about a potential infection. You can read more here about the symptoms associated with STIs and if you have had unprotected sex and want to organise routine testing for STIs, please check out the information on my information page about STI testing and management.

gynaecologist Sydney

Affiliations with St George and Norwest Hospitals in Sydney

My rooms in Westmead and Kogarah

My private gynaecology practice is conveniently located in 2 private consultation rooms across Sydney: one in Westmead and one in Kogarah. This allows you to choose the closest and most convenient location for your gynaecology appointment and follow-up consultations. 

When you need a gynaecological procedure in Sydney, it is good to know that I perform surgery at St George Private Hospital in Kogarah and also at Norwest Private Hospital.

Gynaecology services at St George Private Hospital

St George Private Hospital in Kogarah has an excellent reputation for an excellent facility and staff to allow wide variety of gynaecological procedures and treatments. This is where you can see your gynaecologist for a simple day procedure (such as a Laparoscopy or hysteroscopy) through to more complex gynaecology treatments such as Hysterectomy. At St George private in Kogarah, I can perform the most up-to-date advanced keyhole surgery equipment (laparoscopy), which makes your surgery less invasive. 

Access the main entrance via South Street. There is parking available underneath the hospital or you can park opposite the hospital in the multi-storey car parking facility and enter via Hogben Street.

Gynaecology services at Norwest Private Hospital

My Westmead rooms are close to Norwest Private Hospital. If you have lived in the area for a longer time, you may remember Norwest Private Hospital under its previous name, Baulkham Hills Private Hospital. It is a modern hospital with a contemporary design, using the latest medical equipment to help us gynaecologists deliver high-quality medical care. 

Enter the hospital via the main entrance on Norbrik Drive. You can purchase a week pass for 7 days of unlimited access. 

Benefits of a private gynaecologist Sydney

The benefits of choosing a private gynaecologist

If you have private health cover, you probably understand the benefits of seeing a private gynaecologist, as opposed to being treated in the public system. If you are still weighing your options, it is perfectly normal to wonder: What are the benefits of a private gynaecologist? I know I may be seen as biassed because I work in private practice, but let’s go over the main reasons to go private for women’s health care. 

Private gynaecologist Sydney

  • Surgical skills are important in gynaecology and because I work in my own practice, I build on the experience in a wide variety of situations, fine-tuning my surgical skills over the years. As a gynaecologist, you learn from every new situation in multiple ways. For starters, progress in medicine allows us to start using new techniques, and the longer you practice gynaecology, the more you can start seeing patterns and use that knowledge for the benefit of the patient.
  • Qualifications are essential as well, and it is good to remind ourselves of the fact that gynaecology is a speciality of modern medicine, supported by evidence-based expertise and research. We know that large amounts of online content come from women who share their views on women’s health items, and yet in many circumstances it is essential to look at the latest research before decisions are made about a diagnosis or a treatment.
  • Trust is also critical as you discuss women’s health concerns with your health professional. When you need professional help, it also helps to see the same gynaecologist over the course of your treatment journey. As I get to know you, and you get to know me, we build a relationship of trust as we work out the best possible way to manage your situation.


If your GP has just mentioned that you may need to see a gynaecologist for one of the symptoms or conditions we discussed above, please make an appointment at one of my Sydney rooms, either in Westmead or in Kogarah. I look forward to offering you my experience, my support and my full commitment to your health and wellbeing.