Pregnancy After Care

Pregnancy After Care Services in Sydney
What is a postnatal review? 

A postnatal review, or postpartum visit is a routine check up 6-weeks after you have given birth. Over the 6 weeks since you gave birth your body will have been recovering and you will be adjusting to new routines and being a parent. Your baby will be changing and growing every day. 

What happens during a postnatal review?

In this appointment your doctor will: 

  • Examine your abdomen to check your uterus has contracted back down properly and the healing of your caesarean wound or tearing if applicable
  • Weigh you and provide advice about healthy weight loss 
  • Take your blood pressure 
  • Perform any immunisations you still need

You may be sent for follow up tests:

  • A blood test to check iron levels if you have been anaemic or have blood loss 
  • A CST if you are due for one (to be conducted three months after birth) 

You should speak to your doctor for advice about any concerns you have, such as:

  • Sore breasts or difficulties breastfeeding 
  • Incontinence 
  • Constipation 
  • Releasing unexpected wind or small bowel movements. 

You may be instructed to perform pelvic floor exercises. 

Your baby will also have examinations at this session and the details added to your baby’s book (such as weight). They will check that your baby’s hearts, lungs, spine and genitals are developing as expected (e.g that the testicles have descended and that the vagina looks normal). Your doctor will also be checking that your baby can smile and can focus on and following objects with their eyes.