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Obstetric care at St George Private Hospital
As you prepare to give birth in Sydney, you are not only making an important choice when you choose a private obstetrician. You may also be looking at the hospital where you prefer to give birth. Through my private practice, I deliver babies at St George private hospital in Sydney, as well as in Norwest.

St George obstetrician

Why mothers choose St George Private Hospital in Sydney

As an obstetrician, I work in a team environment. And even though your antenatal care and much of the consultations happen in my rooms, the key moment of your journey is the delivery of your baby. That is why I am grateful to be surrounded by a team of highly qualified professionals when the big day comes, at St George Private Hospital in Sydney.

The Hospital is located on the corner of Princes Highway and South Street in Kogarah. Expecting mums choose St George Private Hospital because of its excellent maternity unit and a well-staffed nursery. There is a 24-hour operating theatre facility and a well-equipped birthing unit.

Most importantly, what really makes a difference is the experienced midwives at the hospital. The work of the midwives during labour and delivery is essential for your baby and for you as a mother.

St George obstetrician

About the maternity facilities at St George Hospital

Mums who gave birth here will tell you about the state-of-the-art maternity unit. The modern birthing rooms with ensuites, the private maternity ward rooms, and the special care nursery.

From experience, what I see is that mothers talk even more about the human experience at St George Hospital. They mention the support of the midwives, the anaesthetists, the sonographers, the lactation consultants, and the physios. The competence, the experience, and the commitment of the team around your obstetrician makes a big difference on one of the most important days of your life.

I am grateful to be working with this highly-skilled team; together, we focus on safety, quality, and your comfort, so you can have a memorable and enjoyable birthing experience.

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St George obstetrician

Can you help me with antenatal classes in Sydney?

At St George Private Hospital in Sydney you will be able to tap into the offer of antenatal classes and hospital tours, to prepare for the last stages of your pregnancy. Many women find that education is key as they get ready for labour.

In my private practice in Sydney, I work closely with midwife Mino Matsumoto. She also works as a senior midwife at Bankstown Hospital and is very experienced. She will support you throughout your pregnancy along with Dr Mahadik, with all aspects of your pregnancy, in-house Antenatal classes and lactation support.

St George obstetrician

About choosing an obstetrician in Sydney

When you have just started looking for an obstetrician in Sydney, your first priority is to find someone you can trust, for this important role in your life – and the life of your baby.
As an obstetrician at St George Private Hospital, I take that role very seriously. I bring my experience as an obstetrician and a gynaecologist, to support you from conception to delivery.

My experience spans three continents and I come from a family where women’s health in private practice was a given.

My commitment to you is to be here to provide you with the best care. Surrounded by a team of inspired professionals at St George in Sydney, I am ready to go on the journey with you.

Discount YogiBirth Sydney obstetrician Dr Mahadik


Midwife Laura Myers has created an app to support pregnant women through their journey. The app -called YogiBirth- offers pregnancy yoga, meditation and birth education.

YogiBirth is a pregnancy wellbeing programme to support the mental, physical and emotional health of pregnant women; both at home and at work.

As your obstetrician I support this app and a discount is available if you consider joining the programme.

St George obstetrician

Midwifery care

Mini Matsumoto - Midwife at Dr Anu Mahadik, St GeorgeAt my practice in Kogarah, I work closely with Mino Matsumoto, a Registered Nurse and Registered Midwife with over 30 years of experience working with women and families to support their journey through pregnancy and beyond.

Mino graduated in 1990 with a Bachelor of Science in Nursing while studying on a scholarship. She has worked extensively with culturally and linguistically diverse clients, having been based for 20 years at NSW hospitals.

Mino has worked as a nurse/midwifery educator to teach nursing and midwifery students and is an International Board Certified Lactation Consultant (IBCLC ). Mino is interested in all aspects of midwifery, and has a special interest in parent education about birth methods, breastfeeding, and parenting skills.

St George gynaecologist

My other work as a gynaecologist

As a specialist doctor in women’s health, gynaecological surgery is my other key area. Through advanced laparoscopic procedures, I help women with endometriosis, fibroids, and general gynaecological concerns.

This experience, helping with the complete range of women’s health challenges from heavy periods to menopause, has also given me a deep understanding of the way a pregnancy impacts your body. To look ahead at your own overall health after you have given birth, and to anticipate for complications that may affect you later in life, is also part of my work as your obstetrician/gynaecologist.

Sydney Obstetrician Norwest and St George Private Hospitals

Consulting in Westmead and Kogarah

My consulting rooms are in Westmead. If you are preparing for your antenatal care and looking for the best and most suitable solution, you can count on my practice to help you. 

If you live in the Sydney CBD, or south of Sydney, you may be best served by coming to my rooms in Kogarah, at St George Private Hospital Medical Suites.

I am affiliated with Norwest Private Hospital, St George Private Hospital and Westmead Private Hospital. 

Westmead Private Hospital welcomes over 2,300 babies into the world each year. They demonstrate a leading and innovative approach to outcome-focused care for women and their families prior to, during and after childbirth.
New parents will enjoy the modern conveniences and perks of a luxury hotel when they experience Westmead Private Hospital’s maternity unit, which has a strong emphasis on assisting new families in the journey of parenthood, with comprehensive postnatal education provided by their maternity team.
They have the unique advantage of being co-located with both Westmead Hospital and Westmead Children’s Hospital. This allows us to provide our patients with the highest standard of private care whilst having access to tertiary level care facilities if required (*access to Neonatal Intensive Care at Westmead Hospital and Westmead Children’s Hospital is dependent on bed availability).

The Maternity Unit comprises:

  • 8 birthing suites
  • 46 bed antenatal/ post natal unit
  • 14 cot Special Care Nursery
  • 8 spacious Parenting Suites (additional costs apply)
  • Women’s only Infant Feeding Support Centre supported by experienced clinicians
  • Education Centre
  • Bathing Centre
  • Rooftop garden for the whole family to enjoy
  • All private rooms with ensuite

Guaranteed Private Room
Westmead Private Hospital is pleased to offer all of our maternity patients the guarantee of a private room following the birth of their baby.  One support person is welcome to stay free of charge.

More information on the maternity services at Westmead Private Hospital.

I come from a family of doctors and it has always been my intuitive first choice to become an Obstetrician and Gynaecologist. I basically grew up in it, with my father being one of the co-founders of a series of IVF clinics in India. Care for mothers and the babies they are expecting has always been my first nature and I am grateful for being able to serve my patients in their journey.
So if you are in that phase where you are not sure how to choose a private obstetrician in Sydney, let’s have a chat so we can plan your antenatal care together.

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